Students Corner


Dr. Parizad Damania – President

Dr. Nimish Shukla – Vice President

Dr. Amirali Badami – Vice President

Dr. Sumit Goel – Vice President

Bhumi Thakkar – General Secretary

Manasi Shinde – Intern Representative

Anil Parab – Cultural Secretary

Irshad Sayyed – Treasurer

Reema Bolke – Event Coordinator

Radhika Gupta

Vrushabh Satav

Pranay Sharma – Sports Secretary

Moiza Khan

Rhys Drago

Vahuka Qais

Devishree Thakkar

Shweta Sangle

Sakshi Jain

Meghana Raut

Adit Vora                                                                                                                                    




Teachers Day 2016 was celebrated on 3rd September 2016. At the entrance was a heart touching and heartwarming chart wishing our teachers, who were greeted with a surprise – a scroll which had a handwritten poem and a Trophy which stated – “World’s Best Teacher”.

The Students put up a play for the teachers, which touched their emotional chords, directed by Irshaad Sayyed, Isha Ved and Shweta Sangale. The event was further sweetened by cutting a cake and celebrating the event. Dr. Parizad Damania introduced the new Students Council with Bhumi Thakkar as General Secretary and Dr. Nimish Shukla, Dr. Amirali Badami and Dr. Sumit Goel as Vice-Preseidents.

Every person today, however successful he or she is, would not be without a teacher. The student community thanked all the teachers for all the love and support in the journey in this college.




This was organised by Ramchandra Mission where our students had participated for the first time and the hard work paid off!! CMP students won Silver Medal and Certificates in all 3 languages.

Chinmayi Haldankar (Hindi) – Silver Medal – 2nd prize

Chinmay Walavalkar (Marathi) – Silver Medal – 2nd prize

Dr. Ashni Shah (English) – Silver Medal – 2nd prize

All the other participants were felicitated with Merit Certificates on 29th January 2017.

This could be achieved only because of the help and guidance of our Professors and our backbone Dr. Parizad Damania.




On 19th February 2017, 10th case presentation contest organized by Beacon Foundation at SNDT Auditorium, Santa Cruz (W) gave an opportunity to the talent of CMP for presenting cases in the competition. CMP celebrated the success of Dr. Prachi Singh, FMT department presented her case of Dissociative Disorder. Dr. Rubina presented a case of type 2 Respiratory failure and Dr. Naheed Bano Shaikh a case of acute appendicitis who won consolation prizes for their presentations. It was a proud moment for CMP as ex-students currently pursuing their PG courses at ML Dhawale Institute, Palghar - Dr.Namrata Pandey won 2nd prize for her case presentation of Status asthmaticus and Dr. Sonal Mistry won consolation prize for her case presentation on Sick sinus syndrome.




On 4th February 2017, a Cancer Awareness Drive was organized at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel by some of our Alumni. Sayali Loya and group got 1st prize in Group Selfie competition. Dharmil Gandhi got 2nd prize in individual selfie competition.




Students Council YUVAAN celebrated its first major event - THE FRESHERS PARTY, on 13th February 2017 to welcome the new recruits into the CMP family. The morning started with games and treasure hunt to deepen the bonds amongst the students.

Audi events started with the introduction of YUVAAN – the Students Council 2016-17 and the XANTHRONS – the 1st yrites. This year, the finalists for the PC Contest were shortlisted by a unique process of GROUP DISCUSSION, which brought forth the original thinking of our students and their ability to put forward their point of view. The PC Contest showcased their overall personality.

Another unique feature was the Mobile Online Voting System which made Irum Shaikh the most Popular Freshie of the Year. Ankita Surve was the Jury’s Choice for the 1st prize. It all happily ended with the DJ Nite.




From the 28th of February to the 4th of March 2017 the campus was filled with music colors and festivities. The College week was preceded by the results which truly set the mood for the competitions. 

This year all 4 years - Xanthrons , Mavericks , Paladins and Stallions put their ace acts and battled it out for college trophy. Finally the 4th yearites, the Stallions emerged victorious. The 1st yearites “Xanthrons” who were the newbies surprised all by their teamwork and energetic performances.

The events were conceptualized by Dr. Nimish Shukla, Dr. Amirali Badami and Dr. Sumit Goel and executed to perfection by Team Yuvaan.

College week Themes:

Day 1 – 28 February - Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Day 2 – 1 March - 7tastic

Day 3 – 2 March - Time Machine

Day 4 – 3 March - Yeh Mera India

Day 5 – 4 March – Masala Cricket Match – won by 1st yrites – Xanthrons – Team Badami Warriors


We ended celebrations with a tribute to our brave hearts of the nation- our soldiers.




This marked the day the Falcons flew in the CMP sky for one last time. Dr. Mohanbhai Patel and Dr. Asmita Parikh, graced the occasion with their presence. The event began with the welcome and felicitation of our chief guests. 

General Secretary – Bhumi Thakkar introduced the falcons and called upon Dr. Manasi Shinde to give her Farewell Address. As she struggled through her tears she spoke of the Falcon’s remarkable achievements and shared their fond memories. Dr. Mohanbhai Patel and Dr. Parizad Damania also wished them good luck for the future.

This was followed by awarding of Certificates. As the names were called out, one could see the smile on their faces, the happiness of achievement in each and every Falcon shone bright as they received their certificates.

Hahnemannian Oath and Declaration was then pledged and the black caps were thrown in the air marking the Graduation of the batch of 2011- 2017. This was followed by the heartwarming, exciting Auditorium events which showcased dances and songs. The love, happiness enveloped the entire audience and brought all of us together to celebrate the Graduation of the Falcons. The event concluded with a grand DJ Nite.




Our students won laurel at the 22nd Beacon Intercollege Debate competition held at SNDT, Santa Cruz.

The topic was – “Imagining the so called long term benefit of demonetization is as fictitious as homoeopathy and its claimed long term benefits.”

Bhumi Thakkar and Siddhi Salunkhe won the Trophy for the Best Team for the 2nd time in a row.

Vahuka Qais was awarded the 2nd Best Speaker.

Siddhi Salunkhe got the prize for the 3rd Best Speaker

Irshad Sayyed and Sweety Singh got Consolation prizes.