Students Corner





Dr. Parizad Damania – President

Dr. Vanita Johari – Vice President

Dr. Nishit Jain – Vice President

Dr. Kanika Sabharwal - Vice President

Vrushabh Satav – General Secretary

Kajal Dama – Intern Representative

Reema Bolke – Cultural Representative

Sagar Kansara – Event Coordinator

Devishree Thakkar – Treasurer

Adit Vora – Sports Secretary

Anjali Jha

Ashita Ambekar

Sakshi Jain

Khushboo Shah

Bindiya Panchal

Shazmin Mapari




Teacher’s day was celebrated on 4th September 2017 with high spirits and zeal by Students Council 2017-2018 to thank and honour our teachers for their special contribution in our lives.

Teachers were welcomed with cards, roses and badges, which read “teaching is work of the heart”. All the students were dressed in white and wore badges reading “proud to be taught by amazing teachers”. There was a graffiti chart which had messages from the students for the teachers. Students read out gratitude letters to the teachers, along with cake cutting. This was followed by a fun-filled game of Housie, in exuberant competitive spirits. With a small token of thanksgiving and warmth in the form of a sapling to each teacher which carried the message - “thanks for helping us grow”, this day came to an end.